Halloween Issue

Welcome to a very special Halloween edition of GMA.
We promise it will be almost as scary as the thought of Kyle Rex becoming famous!

In this issue:

Photo Corner
Everest of Apple puts on the best Halloween Party of the Year and we have the photos to prove it.

JETs from around the Ken compete to see who can make the scariest story in 50 words or less.

Quality Class
JET alumnus Tesia Smith lets her students pick her Halloween costume for her.

Mark Wilson taste tests the best (and worst) Halloween candies on sale in Japan.

Jade Bonus introduces us to the incredibly graphic world of Japanese Horror movies.

Voracious Vernacular
Rachael Dory floats some ghostly noises for us to try out.

Trivia Trap Answers and Winner
Find out the winner and answers to last issue’s trivia trap!

November Events
Lots of things to be thankful for coming up this November!


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