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Issue #11

In this issue:

Aomori Spotlight
Chris Simmons interviews the very busy David Flynn.

A masked writer trains as a self-taught sashimi chef in A Fishy Tale.

Aomori Art Museum
Jade Bonus tells us about the current exhibits at the Aomori Art Museum.

Trivia Trap
Pat Owens brings you to the Spirit World for some Halloween inspired trivia.

Media Bug
Chris Orr introduces you to cinema staff, a great J-band immune to capitalization.

Quality Class
A guest JET teaches you how to make English Licenses for your student.

Voracious Vernacular
Rachael Dory is Busy as a Bee.

Nom Nom Tabemono
Mark Wilson takes a little bit of Korea, a little bit of Japan and puts it all in one big pot of Bulgogi-don.

Photo Corner
Theresa J gives us some highlights from the Gonohe Music Festival.


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