cinema staff

By Chris Orr

Good day and welcome once more to my MediaBug cave, where the walls drip with Japanese musical goodness! This time round I would like to focus on a band that’s near and dear to my heart, “cinema staff”.

MediaBug - cinema staff 1

The name

I feel like I’ve already fallen into a routine of picking bands with strange names, but I promise you, it’s not (entirely) on purpose! cinema staff’s name comes from the fact that their lead guitarist (Tsuji) used to work at a cinema part-time (yes, it really is that simple). On the plus side, when compared to BUMP OF CHICKEN (see my previous MediaBug entry), their name does at least actually make sense in English.

The music

Here are a few of my favourites for your listening pleasure:

Change Up (2009)


Kiseki (2012)


great escape (2013)


The attraction

I’ve always personally found cinema staff to be a band that provides the perfect balance between hardcore and melodic rock. In recent times they’ve tended to put out songs which are on the softer side when compared to their earlier material, but you can still hear traces of their early style even in their most recent single, great escape.

MediaBug - cinema staff 2

The present

cinema staff will soon be embarking on a countrywide tour with POLYSICS, and their most recent single is the newest ending theme for hit TV show “Attack on Titan”. In short, their level of fame has skyrocketed in comparison to when I first discovered them four years ago. They made their major debut last year with label Pony Canyon, and I would expect that in a few years’ time, they’ll be a household name in Japan.

Despite the fact they’ve been on the go for ten years now, the quality of their music is great as ever!

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