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Onomatopoeia Throw Down

By Rachael Dory

Hope everyone is doing well and, for the new JETs, settling into their areas and positions well enough!  Now that the school semester is back in full swing, I bet a lot of us are busy once again with class preparation and/or self-introductions.

Rather than keeping the spotlight on words from certain dialects, I’m including some fun 擬音語 [giongo, or “onomatopoeic word”] that I find useful. Admittedly, they’re kind of random, but man do I love saying them.

  • ゴロゴロ [goro-goro] – used to describe rolling around, being lazy, and doing zip.  Gotta love it when you can have some weekends where you ゴロゴロ
  • ネバネバ [neba-neba] – used to describe stringy, gooey, stretchy things, like when you pull apart natto.
  • ビチョビチョ [bicho-bicho] – used to describe being wet, more specifically wet through or soaked.
  • サッパリ [sappari] – my favorite for the summer!  Used to describe feeling refreshed, such as after you drink a cold beer on a hot summer night.

Those are just a few – Japanese has a TON of 擬音語, each with their own specific definition and usage. Try to pick some up; you may find that once you know them it’s hard to not use them!

Learn any new cool nihongo phrases? Got some Tsugaru-ben to impart on us all? Send us a mail at goodmorningaomori@gmail.com


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