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October Events in Aomori

October 5th/6th – Takko Beef and Garlic Festival @ Takko Town

October 5th – Blue Forest Halloween Festival  @ Aomori City

October 18th- November 10th – Hirosaki Foilage Festival @ Hirosaki Castle

October 19th – Misawa Halloween Festival @ Misawa City

October 26th – E of A Halloween Party and Costume Contest (for Adults) @ Space Four, Aomori City

October 26th – Oma Super Tuna Festival @ Oma City

October 26th/27th – Towada Horse Festival @ Towada City

October 27th – Hacchi Halloween Children’s Tour and Costume Contest @ Hacchi Portal Museum, Hachinohe City

Early November

November 2nd/3rd – Rokkasho Salmon Festival @ Rokkasho

Did we forget something? Is there anything cool happening next month? Tell us at!


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