Issue #10

Welcome to October, the month most famous for United Nations Day.

In this issue:

Voracious Vernacular
Rachael Dory enters the ring in Onomatopoeia Throw Down

Nom Nom Tabemono
Mark Wilson goes to Japan’s most epic food battle, the Towada B-1 Grand Prix

October Events
Get ready for the Beef and Garlic Festival and the E of A Halloween Party!

Jade Bonus gives us a healthy dose of WTF TV.

Gonohe Music Festival Photo Recap
A picture and video recap of the Gonohe International Music Festival

Aomori Spotlight
Chris Simmons interviews Aomori City’s resident cutie, Jacqueline Laibinis

Quality Class
Jordan Powell teaches us how to make quick and easy homemade magnets

Photo Corner
Yolanda Espiritu and Erica Jenkins show us some of their favorite trees.

Trivia Trap
Answers and Winner from last issue


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