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Issue #9

Welcome to Issue #9 of Good Morning Aomori, where we pride ourselves for being slightly more dependable than the Aomori weather!

We welcome three new members to GMA this issue: Jade Bonus, Chris Orr and Essa Wiseman.

  • Chris, a CIR in Aomori City will be giving us music info in MediaBug.
  • Jade, an ALT in Towada, will be Chris’s Movie/TV-based counterpart for MediaBug. but will also occasionally be doing special features for GMA.
  • Essa, an ALT in Kuroishi, will be GMA’s new publishing manager, working behind the scenes to make sure you get your bi-monthly fix.

We’re incredibly happy to have them as part of the team!

In this issue:

Aomori Rock Festival
Jade Bonus shows us the highlights of the upcoming Aomori Rock Festival, the fraternal-twin brother of the Gonohe International Music Festival.

Chris Orr explains the name origins of one of Japan’s most popular rock groups, Bump of Chicken.

Quality Class
Ivonne Diaz travels far and wide to bring us the work of a JET from Mie Prefecture,  Julianne Crawford.

Sohini Bandy teaches how to make curry…from scratch!

Photo Corner
Ryan Smith and Cathie Stankey bring us memories from matsuri.

Voracious Vernacular
Rachael Dory gives a very interesting lesson about Tsugaru-ben.

Aomori Spotlight
Chris Simmons interviews Roxy Najera, one of Hirosaki’s newest additions.

Thomas Clayton-Smith makes a glorious pizza pie.

Trivia Trap
Take a whack at figuring out this month’s Trivia Trap.


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