Voracious Vernacular


Alright Aomori, I have been stepping up my Tsugaru-ben education this summer, and do I have some good words for you! For this week, with classes starting again and new ALTs stepping into classrooms for their first time, I feel this word is fitting:

けっぱる [kepparu]

Meaning “work hard” or “to do your best”, its equivalent is がんばる and conjugates much like its counterpart. So:

けっぱる => けっぱります [kepparimasu, meaning “I (will) do my best!”]

=> けっぱろう [kepparou, meaning “Let’s do our best!”]

=> けっぱれ [keppare, meaning “Do your best!”]

The students in Rokunohe got a kick hearing me say it to them during the wonderful time of speech contest practice, so try it out at your schools!


Have you learned any funny, useful or weird Japanese phrases lately? How about some local slang? We want to know about them! Send us an e-mail at goodmorningaomori@gmail.com!


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