Quality Class

Adam’s Announcements

Quality Class-Adam Broadley

“I chose to teach my students about netball for two main reasons: First, I realised throughout the year that I had covered many male dominate sports which I was interested in but no female dominant ones that my students might be. Second, a lot of my girl students are big basketball fans so with the slight similarities in the game I thought it may be something they would be interested in.

hen this one first went up I did actually see some girls voluntarily reading it during break between lessons. I had never seen any of my students read any of my previous posters. So maybe in that sense, this particular one was a hit. This poster was sent out to all of the state public junior high schools in Hachinohe.”
-Adam Broadley, Hachinohe

Do you have any successes from your classroom that you want to show off? Great lesson plans? Amazing student work? Something you’re just proud of? Send it our way at goodmorningaomori@gmail.com!


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