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Tokyo Jihen

This is MediaBug, GMA’s not-so-secret plan to get you hooked on the music, movies and television of Japan.

MediaBug - ShiinaWeddingDress

This issue we introduce you to the quirky (and slightly crazy?) Shiina Ringo and her band Tokyo Jihen. Finding it impossible to find a correct genre for their rock/jazz/pop music hybrid, Shiina coined the term Shinjuku-kei (Shinjuku-style) to describe their music.

Marunochi Sadistic (Shown immediately above)
Marunochi Sadistic is one of Tokyo Jihen’s most famous songs. This music video will give you a little insight into their unusual but appealing style.

Ringo No Uta
Ringo no Uta is the last single of Shiina’s solo career, before starting Tokyo Jihen. The video highlights the actual removal of a mole from her face, a gesture meant to symbolize the change from going as a solo artist to a member of Tokyo Jihen.

Are you into Japanese TV shows and movies? Are you a J-music Otaku? GMA is looking for a MediaBug editor, someone who knows a lot about Japanese media and wants to share it here! If you’re interested, send an e-mail to with “MediaBug” in the subject!


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