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Thanksgiving in a Nutshell

By Tim Takahara

I created the storyboard to explain Thanksgiving to my nursery school and preschool kids. While working at my kindergarten I would occasionally read story boards to my kids and they seemed to enjoy it.

I like to draw and decided why don’t I make my own story board. The students liked it not so much for the content of what I was saying but for the funny pictures.










They are surprisingly very strict critics, pointing out every artistic flaw, like: “Why does this person have this in one picture but it’s gone in the next?”…hush little one and just listen).

I throw in English here and there but majority of the story is in Japanese.

Do you have any cool class projects or great student creations? Send an e-mail to Ivonne at goodmorningaomori@gmail.com and we’ll display it here!


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