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Christina Ryu

Aomori Spotlight

This week, Aomori Spotlight introduces you to Shichinohe High School’s Christina Ryu.  She is finishing up her second (and last) year with JET this summer, but it’s never too late for a little Aomori Spotlight.  She’s considering applying to EPIK (Korea’s JET equivalent) which means she may not be too far from Aomori after all.  Read more about Christina below and help make her last few months something to remember. 

chrstina card

Why did you choose to join JET?
To be honest, I wanted to live in Japan so I could improve my Japanese, but since I am a lover of languages, teaching English seemed to be the best option!

What do you hope to gain from JET?
I hope to gain good memories, good friends, and to have influenced all the students I’ve had in an unforgettable and meaningful way.


Are you involved in any clubs, extracurricular activities or hobbies?
I lead the English Club two days a week after school.  In my free time, I like to explore new places and play music.

What are a few things you like about Japan?
-Convenience stores
-100 yen stores
-awesome stationery
-weird flavored snacks!

christina bottom

Do you have any interesting or embarrassing stories about adjusting to Japanese culture?  The English teachers and I had a congratulatory dinner for one of our members because she passed the teacher’s exam. I came with a last-minute planned bouquet of flowers. What I bought was a bouquet of yellow carnations wrapped in a solid slate color. The teacher seemed happy when I presented the flowers and everyone clapped happily away. Three months later, one of the teachers tells me that there was something the English teachers were keeping from me. Turns out that the flowers I gave to one of our teachers that day were funeral flowers! So if you ever give a bouquet of flowers to anyone here in Japan, make sure they are NOT yellow carnations! Otherwise, you may be giving the wrong message.

Is there any important information about you that you would like to share with others (unique ability or interests)?  I did fencing from high school until college. So if you ever want to learn how to fence foil or have a bout with me, let me know!  I’m also an avid pianist and clarinetist of over 10 years, so let me know if you ever want to perform anything too!


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