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Cat Camaraderie

By Rachael Dory

The Japanese language apparently really likes using cats in their proverbs – a couple of editions ago, I explored “猫の手も借りたい!/Neko no te mo karitai”.  Today, we’re returning to one of the many cat 諺 [kotowaza] that are sprinkled throughout the Japanese language:

猫舌 [neko-jita/”cat’s tongue”]

Japanese use this phrase to describe having a temperature-sensitive tongue, particularly to hot food/drink. Someone who is particularly bad with hot foods or drinks [note: not spicy foods] has a 猫舌.  This 諺 came about from the observation that cats themselves have fairly temperature-sensitive tongues (you learn something new every day, right? Or at least I did).  So there you have it – cats not only can lend a helping hand, but can sympathize with those with wussy tongues.  If that isn’t camaraderie, I don’t know what is.


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