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The Justice League (Part 1)

By Adam Kennedy

“The posters are for junior high school and elementary school- thus the use of Japanese is required as kids who don’t study English will see them. I created them as part of my responsibilities in Hachinohe- all ALT’s are responsible for creating an educational poster once every 2 months. These went up in every school around Hachinohe (so 50-ish altogether) as a bundle along with the other Hach ALT posters.

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I chose the topics based on the time of year they’d be put up in some cases (ie: Xmas poster). In most cases though, it’s whatever strikes your fancy that month. With Justice League, I wanted to do something different than the typical eikaiwa stuff and culture shock- which plenty of the other ALT’s were covering. And since I have a passion for superheroes and most Japanese kids have some interest in/knowledge of anime, I decided to introduce them to a North American cartoon I liked.

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Also, I had been having conversations about superheroes with kids at school and was tired of continuously referring to Superman, Spiderman, and Batman. I wanted to show them there’s a lot more to the superhero universe if you look. So I justified it (in my mind at least) as a cultural exposure for them- particularly wanting to show that there are FEMALE heroes too and that not all of them are white humans.” – Adam Kennedy, Hachinohe, BOE

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