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Ride into the DANGER ZONE

By Rachael Dory

There are a couple of ways to warn people of danger in Japanese: 危ない![abunai!] or 危険![kiken!] are the most common ones I hear. Short, sweet, and to the point, just as such a situation would call for. My lovely town of Rokunohe has its own version to warn of danger, and it is our word for this edition of Good Morning Aomori:


When I first heard it from a coworker, I thought maybe he was pulling my leg.  Why change such a word to make it a bit of a mouthful? After asking a couple of other coworkers, they confirmed that あぶらすない is indeed used in Rokunohe town – not really in other areas of Nanbu, but really just in Rokunohe.  Try saying that ten times fast.


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