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Harry Potter Skit

“Every year Sambongi High School’s Attached Junior High School(三本木高等学校附属中学校)holds a three day English camp for its first and second graders for the development of interest and enthusiasm for English, intercultural experiences, and some preparation for the school trip to Guam. For the camp, 10 ALTs (prefectural) come and lead student groups of about 8-10. Students do various English activities, physical games, as well as make skits—which is the main activity.

Quality Class - Sambongi English Camp

For the first graders, each group was randomly given a movie title and had to make a skit with some basis on the story or characters. They spent the majority of the afternoon writing and rehearsing the skits, then performed them later in the night. Before they made their skits though, a few of the participating ALTs demonstrated their acting skills in a much abbreviated rendition of the final scene of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows (SPOILERS). The video is below. Please note the students did a much better job of using English in their skits than we did.” – Peter Weeks, Sanbongi High/Middle School, Towada City

Skit Actors:
Harry Potter – Simon Kennedy
Voldemort – Peter Weeks
Hagrid – Kyle Schmaing
Snake Puppet Handler – Pat Owens


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