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Issue #3

Welcome back from Golden Week for your twice-monthly dose of GMA!

In today’s issue:
Rachael Dory lends an unusual helping hand.
Chris Simmons interviews Tom Coward, king of Rokunohe.
Pat Owens practically melts your face off with the incredibly delicious Stamina-don.
Edie Hanson tells us the step-mother’s side of Snow White in her short story, Evelyn Queen.
Evan Clarke and Daniel Ichiyama take us off the beaten path.
Teddy Toyozaki teaches his kids how to get through immigration with Teddy’s Passports.
Mr. Terry explains how he copes in the classroom.

Also, GMA welcomes its newest staff member, Michael Jason Warren, who will be doing post publishing and formatting.

And as always, submit your own stuff to help keep GMA alive:


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