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Letter from the Editor

Hello and welcome to Good Morning Aomori!

You might be asking yourself: What is Good Morning Aomori, anyway? And when that’s answered, you’ll probably ask: How can I get involved with Good Morning Aomori? And after that, your last question will almost certainly be: Is it possible to prevent non-gonococcal urethritis through the regular use and application of Good Morning Aomori? Allow me to take a moment to answer all these questions in a hilariously unfunny way!

First of all, Good Morning Aomori (or GMA, as the acronymically-inclined like to call it) is an outlet for JETs to express themselves through words and pictures. More colloquially, we take the awesome s**t that you do, and throw it up here for everyone to look at. We also make our own original content, like mini Japanese-language lessons and interviews with various JETs that we thought you might like to know better. We “publish” GMA every two weeks, so I guess you could call it bi-weekly. (Or bi-monthly… you’d still be grammatically correct!)

To answer your second question, you can help us by submitting all that cool and crazy stuff you’re probably doing to We’ve got space for your writing, your stories, your classwork, your lunch and your photos (just no dick pics, please). And if you’re some kind of creative entrepreneur who makes things that don’t fit in any of those categories, we’ll just smack it somewhere randomly on the main page and pretend like we know what we’re doing.

Finally, for your third question: I’m no doctor, but I reckon that GMA can cure all your existing medical ailments.

So, go jump on the bandwagon. We have our own Facebook page here, but we have non-Facebook ways to subscribe too (press the “follow” button!) And if you happen to be Amish (unlikely) or a Luddite (even less likely), I will personally mail you a print edition of GMA for $10 per issue. For $5 extra, I will customize your print copy with an autograph and a small doodle of the marsupial of your choice.

I can’t believe you read all this. There’s so much better content on this site! Go look at that instead! See any room for improvement or want to get involved some other way? Send us a message at


Patrick Owens
GMA Editor


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